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Jack Hewitt

Marketing Manager

"I have been successfully mixing my work and play my entire adult life."

I was born in the UK and moved frequently throughout my childhood due to my dad’s engineering job. At age 15 I moved to Oregon, it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I fell in love with the Pacific North West. The Oregon Coast, the temperate rainforests, the Cascade volcanos, the deserts in the east, it’s an endless playground waiting to be explored and experienced. It actually gives me a light dose of anxiety just thinking about it  – so much to do in such little time, I have to see it all and map the entire region. I have to know what’s out there. 16 years later my mind continues to be blown away, time after time, with new landscape discoveries and stoke.

My dad introduced me to motorcycles. He’s a Brit and an OG Triumph enthusiast,  and at age 18 he took me down to a large parking lot, handed me a helmet, and put me on his 1975 Norton Commando (a rare gem of a cafe collector’s bike). He told me the basics and told me not to drop it, haha. That was it, I was hooked on moto. And, no. I didn’t drop it. A few years later I bought my first dual sport, a  trusty KLR 650 that never left me stranded and opened the world of dusty ADV  moto exploration.

Who am I professionally? Ultimately, I am a producer and brand strategist. I strive to be a swiss army knife in the marketing department task force. I strategize and then get my hands dirty, whatever it takes to move the ball downfield. And I have been successfully mixing my work and play my entire adult life. I went to school to study graphic design, soon realizing I didn’t want to be a designer, I wanted to manage designers, build teams comprised of the best people, and produce work with brands in the outdoor industry with an emphasis on storytelling and community building. I’m in the business of highlighting humans and planting seeds that inspire others to live life and explore the world outdoors. The best brands are marketers of the lifestyle and experiences their products enable. This path and mindset lead me to Snow Peak, the high-end Japanese outdoor outfitter, and then Airblaster, the fun-first, happy-go-lucky hero brand of snowboarding (quick shoutout to snowboarding, I am an addict and life-long board nerd).  

I am now honored to join the ranks of Mosko Moto. I’m here to pour gas on the fire and highlight the humans behind the brand making it happen and pioneering the future of ADV Moto. Mosko is truly pioneering the future of ADV Moto with innovative ADV-specific product design and a fully transparent product development process with direct input from their customers and community. As far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t get much better or any more true to this. Thanks, Mosko…. see you out there.

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