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Jackaloft Insulated Jacket 2022

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Like a Jackalope, the Jackaloft brings the best of two worlds together in a single ultralight insulation layer. The ‘Jack’ comes from ‘Jacket,’ while the ‘Loft’ comes from the body-mapped, fully synthetic, PrimaLoft® Gold insulation. It’s super low profile, yet it’s also incredibly warm and highly packable, and it preserves its insulating properties even when compressed under body armor. We designed it specifically for layering under an outer jacket and armor on the bike, but it works just as well around camp or in town.

When it’s not in use, the Jackaloft stuffs into its own hand pocket, and can easily find a stash spot in your pannier, duffle, or backpack.

Don’t let its humble silhouette fool you, the Jackaloft insulated shirt-jack punches way above its weight. Ultralight, highly compressible and super warm, the Jackaloft uses fully synthetic PrimaLoft® Gold insulation with Cross Core technology. This high-tech insulation combines PrimaLoft's top of the line fibers with aerogel (google ‘aerogel’ for more info!), to provide 52% more warmth than the same weight of PrimaLoft® Gold alone. This enables enhanced warmth and decreased weight, resulting in a highly packable, ultralight garment.

Originally developed by NASA, aerogel is composed of more than 95% air, and is the lightest solid material known to man. It’s also one of the most effective insulation materials ever made. When integrated directly into synthetic fibers, aerogel dramatically enhances warming. This isn’t just something you see in charts and stats, you’ll immediately feel the effects yourself when you wear the Jackaloft. On a moderately cool evening, you might be surprised to find yourself leaving the Jackaloft partially unzipped, which is surprising given its size and weight. We packed as much warmth as we possibly could into this very small package.

The size of the Jackaloft is important not only on warm days when it’s packed away on the bike, but also on cold days when you’re wearing it under armor. With insulation, body armor, and an outer shell, one of the biggest challenges we face is how to layer-up without making our riding kits so bulky that we can’t move around. Another challenge is that body armor, a shell, and constant wind pressure on a non-windscreened enduro bike can compress your insulating layer, removing its loft and reducing warmth, similar to what happens on the bottom half of a down sleeping bag when you lay in it. That’s why the Jackaloft uses synthetic insulation rather than goose down: synthetic fibers will maintain their loft even under pressure. That will keep you warmer on the bike.

We styled the Jackaloft as a shirt-jack for a very practical reason: we want this to be the only insulating layer you need on your trip. If we can disguise a highly technical insulated riding layer as a badass garment that you’re stoked to wear around camp or on your next Tinder date, then that’s one less thing you have to pack. Wear it everywhere.

*Model is 1.8m tall, 79kg, and wearing a size L jacket

Ethically produced in Bangladesh

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Customer Reviews

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Simon de Pass

Perfect for everyday use. Fits perfectly under my Klim bike jacket for supreme comfy warmth in the colder months. I hope to have it for years to come. Love it!

Michael Middleton

Jackaloft Insulated Jacket

Robert Duguay
Jackaloft Insulated Jacket

Jackaloft Insulated Jacket !
Very very good quality !
Very happy with this product!


When you Jackaloft... you'll get a natural high that feels better than... well, you know. I could tell that Ash and Jack were trying very hard not to laugh during the video promo. Whoever came up with that name certainly didn't think about the marketing consequences.😁

Radu Mocanu
Comfy & warm & stylish

Very good as 3 season insulated layer. Design wise, the armpit is larger than Surveyor one. Highly usable as day by day jacket as well.