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MOLLE 4L Storage Pouch (Lg)

MOLLE – an acronym for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. Think Tactical. Think Expansion. Our large MOLLE bag is a great external carry-all that enables you to expand the capacity of your pannier, duffle, or rackless system by an additional 4L. The large MOLLE pouch fits best on MOLLE panels with at least three columns of webbing.

The large MOLLE pouch fits best on MOLLE panels with at least three columns of webbing, so please check your bags and see how large the MOLLE panel is before choosing MOLLE accessories.

The large MOLLE bag includes 4 MOLLE stixfor quick and easy attachment and removal. We designed this pouch to easily accommodate two 1L MSR or Primus style fuel bottles, for a half-gallon of extra carrying capacity. It also accommodates a 2L MSR dromedary(or other hydration bag), and has a special opening for the hydration nozzle, for easy access to water for cooking/cleaning at the campsite, or throughout the day.

There's a Velcro hatch inside so you can close off the nozzle opening and use the pouch for tools or other small items too. Add multiple MOLLE bags for water, fuel, and tool storage on longer trips. Take them off when you don't need the extra space.

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Product Specs
  • Volume: 4L
  • Length: 34.3 cm top to bottom
  • Width: 20.3 cm
  • Thickness: 6.4 cm
  • Weight: 0.4 kg with 4 Molle Stix
  • Construction + Materials
  • Made from sturdy, water resistant 22oz PVC + Ballistic Nylon
  • Fits two MSR or Primus Style 1L fuel bottles
  • Interior drawstring & ripstop nylon to prevent small items from sliding out
  • Can be quickly attached/removed from any MOLLE panel
  • Kit Includes
  • 4L MOLLE pouch
  • Stix sak (4 MOLLE stix!)
  • We needed this.

    Product Creation at Mosko is an effort born of necessity. Everyone on our team rides – and time on the trail translates to an innovative, always improving product line. Crafting gear that will outperform in even the most harsh riding conditions means we make no compromise, ever.

    "What can I say, another great product from Mosko Moto!! I love the how to videos and uses for these pouches. I keep 1 of the 2 liter MSR water sacks in each of them for over a full gallon of water spread out on my 35 liter Backcountry saddle bags. Perfect for remote travel."

    – Christopher Moritz, 2018

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 141 reviews
    No Competition!

    I’m the owner of a 2020 BMW R1250 GSA. I needed panniers. I did my research: read reviews, forums, YouTube videos. A common thread were the praises for MoskoMoto products and their customer service. After exhausting myself with research, I ordered the 35L/25L pannier kit along with four additional attachment bags. Having owned them now for a few weeks and having reached out to customer service with questions, I can not say enough good things about the products and the company staff/owners. Highest of quality products, highest of quality people behind the brand. They have another lifelong customer.

    just perfect

    Every thing is well, thanks mates
    I love my reckless system and now I have a bit more pockets.
    It would be nice to have a waterprofe pack for the molles like the drybag but smaller an fit for the molles

    Molle Bag

    I have not had a chance to use it yet but im sure it will work for what I am looking for I did send you a review last year and also a picture of your product on my motorcycle but never saw anything on your website about it. I figured it was because it was on a 1954 Harley Panhead. I figured you never seen one on that type of a bike and that's why I shot it to ya

    Reckless 80 review

    I purchased the Reckless 80 system to use on multi-day trips on my 2019 KTM 690 Enduro R. In addition I was using two 4L molle pouches and two 2L molle pouches for additional storage. After spending a week camping, and riding over 700 miles over rugged and rough terrain in the Arizona and Utah backcountry these are my observations:
    1 - I love how many different spaces there are to store gear. The ability to have bags that stay closed and stored for the entire day, vs others that are used more frequently for daily use items like food and camera gear is invaluable.
    2 - The Reckless 80 is very durable and rugged. A top bag fell off (my fault for not cinching correctly) at 30 MPH on a rocky road and took a tumble, but apart from some minor scuffs, showed no other damage.
    3 - Tie in points for the Reckless 80 are superb - strong and permanent. After the initial setup the bags didn't shift at all, preventing the need to re-adjust. This is particularly important on the 690 since the fuel cap needs to be accessed through the opening in the top part of the harness.
    4 - The Molle pouches were used to store extra fuel in the MSR bottles, water and quick access food. The Molle mounting system is solid. Wondering about the naming of the pouches since the 4L is designed to hold two 1 Liter bottles, and the 2L only holds 1?
    I carried around 80 lbs of gear in the Reckless 80 and couldn't be happier!
    Albuquerque, NM

    Mosko 10

    Used the 10 on a 690 for the Canadian ktm rally, even thou it was a US product it worked flawless 😜

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