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Inspired by the hydration packs we use for backcountry skiing and mountain biking, the Nomax comes with a 2L hydration reservoir and tons of storage for all those little things you want to organize and access quickly.

Nomax Tank Bag

(Nomax v2.5)  Inspired by the hydration packs we use for backcountry skiing and mountain biking, we set out to design a completely different kind of tank bag. The Nomax comes with a 2L hydration reservoir, a stashable rain cover, and tons of storage for all those little things you want to organize and access quickly. To top it off, the bag unclips from the bike quickly and transforms into a fully functional backpack.

*Check out our Second Bike Harness page to make your Nomax Tank Bag easily interchangeable between multiple bikes. 

After talking to hundreds of riders around the world, and combining that input with our own personal wants and needs, we decided that, rather than start with a traditional 'toaster' shape, we would divide the Nomax's space into six vertical layers, each with its own specific mission. We compiled a massive list of the things people store in their tank bags and found the majority of the items on the list were very small. A vertical layout maximizes the utilization of space without making the bag too tall.

The top layer of the Nomax features three columns of MOLLE webbing (made from die cut Hypalon), which can be used to mount our rain-proof MOLLE Map Pocket, or other MOLLE-compatible items like our Navigator Cell Phone Pocket. It's also a great place to store a MOLLE-compatible multi-tool, fixed-blade knife, or protective cell phone holder. MOLLE webbing enables you to customize the rider-facing top layer of the Nomax to suit your individual travel style. Some riders like a map pocket, some don’t.

Below the MOLLE webbing, the next layer is an expandable beavertail. If you already have some of our other bags, you know how handy a beavertail can be. On the Nomax, the beavertail serves as a quick-stash spot for things like sunglasses, gloves, snacks, or even a small DSLR camera. If you use it for your DSLR, we provided webbing loops on the beavertail side bellows, so you can clip the D-rings on your camera case directly to the bag. Inside the beavertail, we added a pocket for an InReach or SPOT, and there's a gated clip to hold your GPS/camera/beacon lanyards so nothing tumbles out if your bike goes down.

The third layer zips back into your lap, and is specifically designed for small-item organization: things like charging cables, pens, change, batteries, earplugs, chapstick, passport, and bike documents. There are six mesh pockets, three elastic cable holders, two pen holders, and a fleece-lined glasses pocket. No more tangled soup of miscellaneous items floating around in the bottom of your tank bag, everything has a home.

The fourth layer is a large open compartment, featuring plenty of space for bulkier items like extra maps, spare gloves, wallet, CCW, and food. There are two large mesh pockets (one with sidewalls and one flat), which are available if you need them, but compress out of the way if you don't. Also, for contact lens wearers, on the foam-reinforced sidewall there's a removable lens case holder, which can be rotated to keep the cases vertical depending on the orientation of the bag.

Under the main compartment, accessible from a pocket at the top of the bag, there's a long, flat pocket that accommodates a 2L hydration reservoir, which is included with the bag. In warmer climates and on long distance trips, you can relocate the weight of your drinking water from your backpack to the tank. If you'd rather keep the Nomax as tight as possible to the bike, and/or if you'd like to maximize space in the main compartment, you can remove the reservoir and store it elsewhere on the bike.

The sixth and final layer of the Nomax houses a quick-stash spot for two sewn-on, crushable backpack straps. Simply unclip the Nomax from the bike, pull out the backpack straps, clip them to the D-rings at the bottom of the bag, and the Nomax converts into a fully functioning hydration pack. The side straps, which normally connect the Nomax to the bike, now become your waist strap. We use these backpack straps on dualsport trips all the time, from morning hikes to running errands around town. And the best part is that the Nomax doesn't feel like a 'tank bag on your back.' It looks, feels, and functions like a normal backpack.

The Nomax includes a waterproof rain cover, with a welded-seam top panel and sealed seams on the side, to keep your belongings dry in a heavy downpour. There's a stash-spot for the rain cover on the top of the bag, and a leash so it doesn't get lost. Also, hidden away in two of the zipper pulls, you’ll find a SIM card tool and storage compartment, and a safety whistle for emergencies.

After years of design and development work, plus tons of real world input from the riding community and from our own trips, we've tried our best to design the ultimate adventure touring tank bag. We hope you like it!

  • 2.0L Hydration reservoir w/ insulated hose
  • Beavertail stash spot
  • Easy on/off, with the standard Mosko tank bag harness
  • 6 layers of vertical organization (features hidden inside!)
  • MOLLE expandability
  • External beacon pocket (inReach or Spot)
  • HHMS (hydration hose mgmt. system)
  • Fleece lined sunglasses pocket
  • Cable pass-through port (charging!)
  • D-rings for connecting backpack straps
  • Nomax Tank Bag
  • 2.0L Hydrapak reservoir
  • Easy on/off mounting harness
  • Two lower connection straps for mounting
  • Stashable, rain-proof cover
  • Four heavy-duty, cable ties with metal closure (for mounting!)
  • Due to the Nomax's long torso, it may not fit on smaller dualsport bikes or bikes without a front gas tank
  • We specifically designed the Nomax to sit much farther forward on the bike than a typical tank bag. It's not uncommon for the top of the bag to extend over the handlebars on some bikes. We recommend rigging it as far forward as possible.
  • The Nomax expands & contracts as needed. If you prefer a tight fitting tank bag with a low profile, remove the hydration reservoir and map pocket, and cinch it down tight to the bike
  • For more capacity, take full advantage of the beavertail


  1. 2.0L Hydration reservoir w/ insulated hose
  2. Beavertail stash spot
  3. Easy on/off, with the standard Mosko tank bag harness
  4. 6 layers of vertical organization (features hidden inside!)
  5. MOLLE expandability
  6. External beacon pocket (inReach or Spot)
  7. HHMS (hydration hose mgmt. system)
  8. Fleece lined sunglasses pocket
  9. Cable pass-through port (charging!)
  10. D-rings for connecting backpack straps


  • Capacity: 7L (not including the expandable Beavertail pocket)
  • Length: 15in / 38cm
  • Width: 8.5in / 21.5cm
  • Height: 5.5in / 14cm
  • Weight: 3.3lbs / 1.5kg
Construction & Materials
  • Main Body Materials: 630D High Density 100% Recycled Nylon
  • Beavertail MOLLE Panel: Hypalon
  • Rain Cover: Nylon w/ clear PVC welded seam top panel and sealed side seams
  • (optional) MOLLE Map Pocket: waterproof 800D polyurethane coated (PVC free) with welded-seams
  • Internal stiffener to help the bag keep its shape
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2013 reviews
Alberto Mancini
Nomax Tank Bag (V3.0)

Borsa da serbatoio di ottima fattura, lo sto usando tutti i giorni per il tratto casa lavoro aspettando di fare qualche piccolo viaggetto fuori porta, sembra avere tutto l'occorrente per essere la birsa da serbatoio definitiva grazie anche alla sua trasformazione in zaino!

Michael Busse
Functional quality bag

Bag is made of high quality materials with many pockets. The ability to have a water drink system built in really helps on rides and make it’s easy to drink while on the road. Removing the bag is very easy. Just 4 clips and you can take it with you. A carry handle is sewn in as well as backpack straps. Overall a great bag.

Michel de Jonge
Amazing bag

Was looking for a universal bag that would fit my DSLR (Nikon D750) and its a match! Even with the water bag filled to the top, I can fit my camera, an extra shirt and some snacks in the back.

Would recommend this to everyone.

Roi Amit
The best a rider can GET

I purchased the Mosko Moto tank bag. The quality is excellent and exceptionally well designed.
Would also praise the customer service I received as a great experience.
Thank you Moskvin team for a great job.

Roi A.

Lucas Laranjeira

The best quality, thanks guys , I buy rack less 80 and nomax tank bag