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Reckless 80L (V3.0) Revolver


We designed the Reckless 80L for off-road riding/camping, Backcountry Discovery Route exploration, and international fly-to-ride trips. The Reckless 80 doesn’t require side pannier racks, saving significant weight and cost. It expands and contracts to accommodate a wide variety of loads, making it an extraordinarily 'livable' luggage system.

The V3.0 ‘Revolver’ is the most versatile Reckless 80 yet. Adjustable leg angle makes it equally at home on enduros like the CRF450L or KTM 500, as it is on larger ADV bikes like the Africa Twin. From GSA’s to 150cc dual sports, the Reckless 80 is a bag that can do it all.

(Download Assembly Instructions here.)

*KTM 690, GasGas 700, and Husqvarna 701 customers, please note that the stock exhaust on your bike runs too hot; an aftermarket exhaust is required.

*Africa Twin customers, please note that the passenger grab handles found on the 2016-19 Africa Twin models may inhibit the fit of the Reckless 80L on the tail of the bike.

With the Reckless 80, we replicated the traditional three-bag organization and packing system of a touring bike (two side panniers and a rear duffle) for bikes that don't have pannier racks. If you're setting up a new bike, the Reckless system saves you the added weight and expense of metal side pannier racks.

It's 100% waterproof and easy to get into, so you don't have to unstrap everything to get at your lunch or pull out a jacket. The side bags slide & strap into an outer "holster," which stays attached to the bike. All three main compartments are welded-seam roll-top drybags for total waterproofness. The center top bag is our Stinger 22L Tailbag, which has stashable backpack straps, and works great as an airline carry-on or as a day pack for short hikes or trips to town. The side bags are interchangeable, and include a clear panel on the front so you can easily find your gear.

In addition to the three main compartments, the R80 Revolver now includes one optional 4L drybag 'aux pox' on the back of each leg (two total). These auxiliary pockets are perfect for storing smaller items that you might need quick access to throughout the day. The aux pox holsters can be used with or without their roll-top drybags, making them a great place for extra gas bottles, water, tool roll, or inner tubes.

Two overlapping rear beavertails create a perfect spot to tuck a motorcycle jacket when it's not in use, or to store wet things – like a tent rainfly, towel, or campsite garbage – that you don't want inside your drybag. The inside panels of the beavertails include a tent pole bag, a removable map pocket, and two reinforced clear pockets for small items like toothbrush/toothpaste. On V3.0, the entire beavertail assembly is removable, if you want to use the harness without a rear duffle, thereby reducing the total capacity to 50L (or 58L with 2 aux pox).

If you need more than 80L of space, adding additional storage is easy. The beavertail straps extend to accommodate a second (or larger) top bag. The outside of the beavertail includes a 3-column MOLLE webbing panel, and each leg includes a 2-column panel on the front, with a 3-column panel on the rear. Add Mosko MOLLE pouches, or choose from a wide array of 3rd party MOLLE accessories.

The R80 harness is a 3-piece system, which can be disassembled for an international fly-to-ride trip. The entire system fits conveniently in a rollaboard. If you have a crash on a long trip, the various components can be repaired or replaced individually, saving cost and hassle. A foam pad reduces chafe between the harness and the bike, and the harness is armored with hypalon for abrasion resistance. All R80 drybags are made from 800D polyurethane (PVC free), to stand up to UV and cold weather.

Important Notes:

  • KTM 690 and Husqvarna 701 customers: The stock exhaust on the KTM 690 and Husqvarna 701 runs VERY hot. Although the R80 'Revolver' fits these bikes great, it also traps in a lot of exhaust heat. Even with careful heat shield use, melting of the bike's plastics and the luggage can occur. We're actively testing new heat shield solutions, but for now, an aftermarket exhaust is required for use with the Reckless 80 V3.0 Revolver. We recommend the Arrow brand 690 Enduro and Husqvarna 701 aftermarket exhausts, available from - *ignore this information at your own risk. *please know strategic heat shield mounting/placement is still required once you have upgraded to an Arrow exhaust or any alternative aftermarket exhaust of your choosing.
  • Reckless luggage is not resistant to the high heat of your exhaust. Please use the included heat shield, and follow the installation instructions carefully, because exhaust heat damage isn't covered under warranty.
  • Contact between soft luggage (no matter how soft) and the plastics or painted surfaces of your bike will cause cosmetic wear to the bike over time, because accumulated dirt is abrasive. If that sort of thing keeps you up at night, apply a clear protective film (like this or this) to your bike.
  • Different bikes and installation approaches present different wear points to the Reckless 80 harness. After installation, go for a short test ride, then check for wear points. Adjust the harness position, file down sharp rack edges, or apply a sacrificial wear patch as needed. Continue to check for high-wear points over time, but remember that the harness is made to take a lot of abuse. Some visible wear is normal, and in no way does it affect the strength or waterproofness of the luggage.

Assembly Instructions

Harness Dimensions Drawing

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  1. Adjustable leg angle for a custom fit on almost any bike
  2. Two removable 4L drybag-equipped aux pox
  3. Super durable wrapped & riveted leg holster construction
  4. Hypalon armor panels – protection where you need it most 
  5. Field-replaceable mounting straps and drybag retention straps
  6. Redesigned leg holster compression straps for easy loading
  7. Removable beavertail stash-spot for extra storage and expansion
  8. Enlarged rear-fueling hole
  9. Five MOLLE panels for quick attachment of MOLLE accessories (volume expansion!)

Customer Reviews

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Robert Bachmann
just one thing…

I’m very happy with the product but there’s one thing that bothers me a little… A friend of mine has bought the reckless 40L system and it includes the cleat kit. It’s hard to understand, that my 80L system comes without the cleats. I tried to rebuild them out of scratch but it ain’t the same. Other than that… I love the quality of your product and feel safe about my oncoming journey.


Jiří Zikán
Reckless 80L (V4.0)

I am extremely satisfied with this product.

Mark you may call me MM Mark
Mosko Moto

I am fortunate enough to have a fair amount of MM gear. Quality bomb proof and customer service high standard, old school, very happy with gear and team.

Reckless 80

Very very good stuff

Maris Klips

Reckless 80L (V4.0)