Shipping Update

September 17, 2014

September 16, 2014

We’ve been getting a lot of emails and advrider.com questions about shipping status.  Here’s a quick update on where we stand with shipping:

– First thing we did last week was make 30 sets of panniers (60 bags total). This was what we needed to fill orders from riders who had trips planned in the next few weeks that they specifically needed the bags for. We invoiced all these riders first, and the ones who paid have now been shipped.

– Next we started working through the pre-orders, sending invoices in the same sequence in which those pre-orders were received. We’ve sent out about 1/2 of the invoices so far. We expect to get all the pre-orders invoiced by the end of this week, and then ship the orders next week after we run our assembly line on thurs/fri. We’re invoicing now because we want to ship as soon as the bags are assembled, rather than waiting another week or so for payments to come in.

– Finally, when all the above is done, we’ll cleanup any remaining orders that haven’t been paid and are still sitting in the folder (uh… I mean IT system) as well as any new orders. We’re getting a big restock when our ocean shipment arrives in the first week of October, though that shipment will require time to assemble as well.

Here’s our really sophisticated IT system.  From left to right: pre-orders, invoiced orders, paid orders, shipped orders.

Mosko-Moto-Motorcycle-Soft-Bags-Dualsport-Offroad-Luggage-Soft Luggage-Pannier-Duffle-Saddlebag- KTM - BMW - Rackless - Reckless - 9-16-14-(1)

Ryan in Idaho was our first shipped customer.  Took his Scout 25s out for a shakedown run over the weekend before his trip to Moab this week.  KTM 690 with Touratech racks.

Mosko-Moto-Motorcycle-Soft-Bags-Dualsport-Offroad-Luggage-Soft Luggage-Pannier-Duffle-Saddlebag- KTM - BMW - Rackless - Reckless - 9-16-14-(2)

All the orders will go out very soon. Thank you for your continued patience!

Pete & Andrew

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