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Mosko Tank Bag - Second Bike Harness

This harness includes everything needed to set up a Mosko Tank Bag on a second bike, making it easier to swap from one bike to the next -- easy as a couple snaps. The harness is designed to live on the bike, and need not be removed when riding without a tank bag.

It's also compatible with all of our tank bags -- past and present -- so no matter what models you own, this is the spare harness you need.

Product Specs
  • Length: 63.5 cm (entire harness)
  • Width of strap: 12.7 cm (entire harness)
  • Weight: 22.7 g (entire harness)
  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Nomad Bag

    As usual, Mosko Moto comes through with another awesome product. Love it!!!

    Nomad tank bag harness

    Bought this 2nd harness to move my awesome Nomad Tankbag between my BMW GSA and my KTM 790 Adventure R. Works perfectly. A bit spendy for just the harness with shipping, but kinda goes with having Mosko equipment. Happy I got it.


    I'm not usually a tank bag user, but my Triumph Scrambler 1200 has limited luggage options. So I took the plunge on the Nomad because of its clever design and organization pockets. There's nothing like it at this time. I almost bought the Hood for its simplicity and water resistance but the Nomad's organization pockets (and bladder) made more sense for my needs.

    I wish there was a proper rack system for my bike as I'd be all over Mosko's pannier offerings. These people do the motorcycle travel community a great service, I highly recommend their products.

    why I love my Nomad tank bag

    I bought my Nomad not long after they were released do to Pete’s description of the philosophy behind the design and how I thought it would suit my needs. The first bike I used it on was my KTM 640 Adventure heading to Tuktoyuktuk. The organization pockets worked very well for me to separate the odds and ends I was carrying for electronics, snacks etc. My iPad fit but I soon put it in a pannier to save space. The fit on this bike was excellent for sitting and standing. On this trip I did not use the hydration bladder as my jacket had one built in. The second bike I used it on was my BMW R65 LS heading to Tennessee where it again held all of my doodads very well and made it easy and painless to access whatever I needed. On this trip I did use the hydration bladder and I found it very convenient and easy to use on the road. The fit on this bike was also excellent. I have bought 3 extra very well built mounting harnesses so I can use it on my KTM 525 XCW and my BMW R1100 S. The fit isn’t quite as clean on the 525 due to the shape of the tank but it still works well and does not affect riding while standing offload. The fit on the 1100 is excellent and works very well. I highly recommend this bag for all applications on road or off, just don’t forget your rain cover on a tree, if you do the awesome folks at Mosko are great at getting you a replacement. :-)

    There is only one best!

    Just got a second set of straps to be able to use my nomad tank bag on my new bike. Great bag, great quality and great customer service.

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