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Mosko Nomads

Mosko Nomads

May 1, 2015

I’ve been on the bike a bunch recently.  There’s something I’ve been thinking about that I want to put out there.

A number of you have been following our progress on the blog and/or advrider for a while now. Many of you have bought our bags and have told your friends about them. Through your posts, emails, and ideas, you’ve provided input on everything from new product development, to how we sell, to how we run our business. You’ve also helped spread the word about Mosko in your local riding crew. We really appreciate the help and support, and now we want to take this relationship to the “next level.”  That’s right, we want to get married (ha!).

No not really. But we do want to find a way to acknowledge this as something more than a typical company/customer relationship. We want our customers to play an integral role in steering the company, developing new products, and promoting Mosko out in the field.  We don’t really know what shape that’s going to take but here’s a starting point: if you have one of our products and are stoked on it, and you’d be willing to provide information to other potential customers, then we’d like to put your profile up on our website.

In exchange we’ll send you a cool Mosko tee and a bunch of stickers for you and your buddies. We want to expand this into something more substantial down the road, something which could include gear discounts, support for local events, trip sponsorship… who knows, you tell us!  Like how other companies have sponsored riders or professional race teams.  This could be like our version of that, but with actual customers and actual trips.

We came up with the name “Mosko Nomads.”  If you want to be part of this, please email the following information to nomads (at) moskomoto (dot) com:

– Your Name

– A Photo

– Mosko products owned

– City/State

– Bike(s) owned

– Pannier rack system used (if applicable)

– One sentence about yourself

– An email address you’d like to be reached at

– Any ideas for how we could promote Mosko products and/or backcountry moto lifestyle in general in your local area.

– Your mailing address and tee shirt size

Note: please don’t post your mailing address or email as a comment on the blog or on our advrider post!  Send it to the email address above.

I have no idea if we’re going to get 5 responses to this or 50.  We only have about 30 tees in stock but we’re happy to order more.  For now we’ll just put it out there and let’s see what happens.