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We designed the Reckless 40L system for off-road riding, minimalist camping trips, Baja-style hotel-hopping, and loaded day rides.

Reckless 40L (V4.0)

Aux Pox (Auxilary Pockets)

The Reckless 40L is a rackless luggage system that easily mounts on almost any motorcycle. We designed this bag for long day trips, motel-hopping, and minimalist camping off your bike. The Reckless 40L is 100% waterproof, with five separate removable welded-seam drybags that slide/strap into a protective outer harness.

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Updates to Version 4.0

  • CURV® composite harness
  • Gnoblin compatible
  • Stinger 22L compatible 
  • 4L Aux Pox compatible
  • Two-directional Molle panels on beavertail & leg holsters
  • Two settings for leg strap location
  • Low-profile cam buckles

The Reckless 40 V4.0 offers a stiffer, more durable, and lighter-weight design featuring CURV® composite harness material. The stiffness of the CURV® material significantly reduces movement of the bag, adding more stability for technical off-road riding. CURV® has a unique high-impact strength that will not fatigue or crack, even when riding on very hot days or in freezing temperatures. The new design of the harness is 0.5lb / 0.25kg lighter than our previous V3.0 harness.

Additional updates include multi-directional Molle on the beavertail and leg holsters, two settings for leg strap mounting, low-profile non-slip cam buckles, and optimized integration for the optional Gnoblin rear mounting accessory. The R40 is also now built with 100% recycled 1680D Ballistic nylon, eco-friendly PVC backing, and UV treatment.

The Reckless 40 includes three 100% waterproof roll-top dry bags that can be easily accessed throughout the day. The side dry bags have clear panels on the front, so you can tell which bag has what you need. They also have webbing handles at the bottom so that they can be pulled into the holster from the bottom.

The Stinger 8L tail bag includes stashable backpack straps in case you want to go for a day hike or run into town for errands. It also has four sewn-on connection straps, making it easily rigged as a standalone tail bag. To increase the capacity of your Reckless 40, you can replace the Stinger 8L Tail Bag with a Stinger 22L Tail Bag.

The Reckless 40's removable beavertail is a great spot to tuck a motorcycle jacket when it’s not in use or to store wet or dirty things - like a tent fly, towel, or campsite garbage. The beavertail is removable and can be rotated to run either parallel or perpendicular to the bike. On the top of the beavertail and front of the leg holsters, there is two-directional MOLLE panels so you can customize the harness with various MOLLE accessories.

The Reckless 40 includes one Cleat Kit, which can be bolted to the bike's rear fender, providing a convenient lash point for the rear connection straps. We recommend adding the optional Gnoblin rear mounting accessory for rock-solid attachment and easy on-off functionality.

  • Two-directional Molle on beavertail & leg holsters
  • Two settings for leg strap location
  • Stinger 22L compatible 
  • Aux Pox 4L compatible
  • Low-profile cam buckles on leg straps
  • Stinger 8 works great as a standalone tail bag – built-in connection straps!
  • Bomber hypalon armor panels – protection where you need it most
  • Three-piece design with adjustable width settings
  • Removable & rotatable beavertail
  • Two optional Aux Pox rear pockets – perfect for fuel or water storage
  • Removable connection straps for field repair after a crash
  • Two side compression straps
  • Reckless 40L harness
  • Two 14L dry bags
  • Stinger 8L tail bag
  • Heat Shield with hose clamp
  • Hardware pack (6 t-nuts, screws, washers + Loctite + Allen key)
  • Cleat kit for mounting
  • Exhaust heat damage is not covered under warranty. Please use the included heat shield and follow the installation instructions carefully.
  • On dual-exhaust bikes or bikes with especially high/exposed pipes, you will need a second heat shield, available for purchase in our website's Hardware & Parts section.
  • Contact between soft luggage (no matter how soft) and your bike's plastics or painted surfaces will cause cosmetic wear to the bike over time because accumulated dirt is abrasive. If that is important, try applying a clear protective film (like Allstar Performance Tape or 3M Polymask Protective Tape) to your bike.
  • Different bikes and installation approaches present different wear points to the Reckless 40 harness. After installation, go for a short test ride, then check for wear points. Adjust the harness position, file down sharp rack edges, or apply a sacrificial wear patch as needed. Continue to check for high-wear points over time, but remember that the harness is made to take a lot of abuse. Some visible wear is normal, and in no way does it affect the strength or waterproofness of the luggage.

The Reckless 40L is designed to fit a wide variety of motorcycles – from small enduro-style bikes up to larger adventure bikes. 


The 2 Bag System

Tough bag on the outside, dry bag on the inside. The outer bag is engineered to resist punctures, abrasion, and tears. The 100% waterproof inner drybag is constructed of 22oz 840D TPU with welded seams, keeping water out and your stuff bone dry.

Infinite Expandability

Hypalon MOLLE panels allow you to customize and configure your Reckless system exactly the way you want it. MOLLE accessory pouches enable you to expand the capacity of your panniers for things like fuel bottles or a hydration reservoir. The expandable rear Beavertail creates a convenient spot to tuck a motorcycle jacket or store wet things you don't want inside your dry bag.

Compatible With Most Bikes

The R40 doesn't require pannier racks and offers two-width settings – narrow and wide – allowing it to fit small enduros up to larger ADV bikes. Making it an excellent choice for fly-to-ride trips or riders who own multiple bikes.




  • One 8L Stinger Tail Bag
  • Two 14L Leg Bags (28L Total)
  • Two 4L Aux Pox Auxiliary Pocket (8L Total)


Ultralight: 28L - 6.85lbs / 3.1kg

  • No Stinger 8L Tail Bag
  • Two 14L Leg Bags
  • Beavertail Removed
  • No Aux Pox

Minimalist: 36L - 9.15lbs / 4.1kg

  • One Stinger 8L Tail Bag

  • Two 14L Leg Bags

  • No Aux Pox

Standard: 44L - 11.65lbs / 5.2kg

  • One Stinger 8L Tail Bag

  • Two 14L Leg Bags

  • Two 4L Aux Pox

Extra: 58L - 12.3lbs / 5.5kg

  • One Stinger 22L Tail Bag

  • Two 14L Leg Bags

  • Two 4L Aux Pox
Construction & Materials

Harness Materials

  • CURV® Composite harness
  • 100% recycled 1680D Ballistic Nylon with eco-friendly PVC backing and UV treatment
  • Hypalon armor panels - protection where you need it most
  • Leg holsters wrapped behind harness and riveted, to eliminate seam failures
  • Harness constructed with internal PE stiffener to prevent flopping
  • Aluminum stiffener supports built into each leg of harness adding lateral rigidity
  • EVA foam pad on underside of harness reduces chafe to the luggage and the bike
  • Reflective logos and material on each leg

Dry Bag Materials

  • 100% waterproof durable 840D TPU with welded seams

Exhaust Heat Shield Materials

  • Laser-cut anodized aluminum
Product Care

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We never cut corners during development or manufacturing, so we stand behind our products. If one fails due to a problem with materials or workmanship, we'll make it right. All Mosko Moto products include:

Limited Lifetime Warranty

'Limited' means it does not cover:

  • wear & tear
  • neglect/misuse/abuse
  • aesthetics
  • sun degradation
  • modification and/or use for a purpose other than what the item was designed for

Crash Care Program

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Customer Reviews

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Mladen Šaban
Odličan proizvod

Isprobao sam Rackless 40 v4 već na nekoliko off road vožnji i kampiranja. Pokazao se savršen za moje potrebe. Pametna tehnička riješenja i kvalitetna izrada opravdava cijenu.

First product but not the last

Ordered myself the Orange edition for my 790 Adventure.
The cost kept me debating for a very long time but I finally bitt the bullet and preordered the 40 orange collection with the 22 Stinger bag

Installation with the straps is super easy (not using the Gnoblin yet, need a different mounting plate at the back of my bike first). The quality is way better than I’ve ever expected and after a first test ride on twisty roads through the Black Forest in Germany packed with my camping stuff I am in love with the Reckless 40.

This won’t be my last Mosko Moto purchase!

The best reckless system

It costs, but it's really worth it in my opinion. The materials are very durable and with little to no care you can pass it from bike to bike for years to come. It takes a bit of trial and error to pack it the best and most convenient way for you, but once you got it you will pack and unpack in seconds. The beaver tail and the molle webbing allow for total personalization and make it easy to add more storage if you need to. The best thing is that, unlike with hard luggage, you feel very little of the weight when riding and that helps a lot when doing some more challenging off-road. It's an investment but it will repay itself in the long run.

Maura V.

It looks amazing and the the quality is outstanding.
Can recommend, best product in the market.

Niels-Peter Jensen

I just got back from a 2 week roadtrip across Sweden and I’m more than happy about the quality and function of all the MOSKO MOTO products that I have got and I pretty much got all of them. Mosko Moto products for the rest of my life!!!

It looks amazing and the the quality is outstanding.