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Ectotherm Insulated 12v Heated Jacket 2023

Wild Curry

The outside fabric of the Woodland and Olive Ectotherm Jackets are the same color. Woodland has a blue inner lining, while Olive has a black inner lining.

We added carbon fiber heating elements to a kick-ass technical puffy, and the ‘Ectotherm’ was born.

When you’re sitting around the campfire or lounging in your tent, it’s a super warm insulator with 100g body-mapped synthetic PrimaLoft Gold insulation with Cross Core Technology. Connected to the bike, it adds a 6-panel carbon-fiber 3.5Amps/42w heating system powered by the bike. That extra warmth takes the edge off long, cold, wet, pavement stretches, keeps you warm on high alpine passes, adds new enjoyment to early spring and late fall trips, and ensures you’re ready for anything a multi-year/multi-season RTW journey can dish out.

The Ectotherm is your solution for staying sane and happy when the weather turns brutal. The name comes from Ectothermic, a scientific term for animals that exchange body heat with external sources. Like a lizard basking on a hot rock.

Unlike conventionally heated liners, the Ectotherm is a fully functional stand-alone synthetic insulation layer. By combining the functionality of a technical puffy and a heated liner we’ve added even more performance and versatility to a layer that we rarely leave home without. Now you can enjoy the comfort of onboard 12V heat without overburdening your pack space. Pair it with heated grips and hand shields to create the ultimate minimalist heat system for backcountry and RTW travel.

Built with 100g of PrimaLoft Gold Insulation with Cross Core Technology at the core and 60g in the underarms to reduce bulk under armor, the Ectotherm is well equipped for any cold-weather trip. This high-tech insulation combines PrimaLoft Gold, with aerogel technology, to provide up to 52% more warmth than the same weight of PrimaLoft Gold Insulation alone. This enables us to achieve both enhanced warmth and decreased weight. Integrated directly into the fibers, aerogel further enhances the performance of synthetic insulation. Now not only will it perform better than down when wet, it will also perform better when compressed under armor.

To further battle the chill of riding in the cold, we added 6 thin, flexible carbon fiber heat panels in the collar, arms, left and right chest, and back. Activate the heat with a hem-mounted controller to toggle through 3 levels of 3.5amp/42w heat to maximize comfort. The system is powered by your bike’s 12V battery (wiring harness included) for heat that lasts as long as the ride. When it comes to cold weather riding the Ectotherm Insulated 12v Heated Jacket is a powerhouse of comfort when pushing the boundaries of riding season.

*The model is 1.8m tall, 79kg, and wearing a size Large.

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Martin Manegold
High Quality

High Quality of material and workmanship. A perfect piece for the colder period of the year.