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First Vlog?

First Vlog?

August 9, 2023

Back in 2013, blogs were getting old, and that’s when I started blogging. Now it’s 2023 and vlogs are played-out too, so it’s time for me to make one of those too! 😂 I’m doing video instead of text because I’ve been on the road non-stop, and I haven’t found a window of time to peck out one of my usual connect-the-dots updates. Video, on the other hand, is fast!

Plus the only media I capture these days is video, and it turns out videos and blogs (at least this blog) don’t mix well. I’ve struggled to find a workflow to sort and edit the thousands of short videos that accumulate on my phone, and then get the selected videos uploaded and posted in the text-media-text-media format of a blog. So let’s see what it feels like to just make one long video instead.

First: a quick business update. Sales are up, and we’re basically on-budget revenue-wise, but profitability is lagging. During Covid and the supply chain crisis, there were so many wild fluctuations in demand, revenue, shipping, and inventory, that it was hard to know which way was up. Now the dust has settled, and we can see the underlying economics of our business in a way we couldn’t before. We nudged prices upward – as little as possible – about a month ago, which we think is just enough to address the issue. Of course as long as costs keep rising and inflation stays high, prices will rise commensurately. We’re also continually adding features, fixes, and improvements to existing styles, all of which costs money.

We’re mid-season here in the PNW, and lots of riders have been stopping by Mosko HQ to check out the showroom and camp at the Mototel. So far in 2023, we’ve had far more visitors than ever before, which is at least partly due to the new Oregon BDR. Plus we’ve been a lot more proactive about inviting folks, which seems to be working. I’ll reiterate the invite here: if you’re in the neighborhood, stop by!

This coming Friday, August 11, I’m headed to Ridgway, CO for our next Dusty Lizard event. Here’s the link if you want to join: Dusty Lizard Ridgway!

See ya there!


Ok, that’s it for typing, now here’s some vlogging!