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Pannier Rack - BMW

You’ve all asked who makes the best pannier racks, and we finally have that answer for you. It’s Outback Motortek.

Their racks are beautifully engineered, super rugged, and installation is a breeze. Constructed of mild steel, they bend rather than crack during a crash. In the unlikely event that you do manage to break one, it’s easy to find a shop that can weld mild steel – no matter where in the world you go down.

Mosko’s Outback Motortek racks come finished in long-lasting black powder coat, and the best part is that they’re fully compatible with our Backcountry and Scout panniers.

Product Specs

All Models:

  • Hoop External Width x Height: 13.8" x 9.8" / 350mm x 250mm
  • Hoop Tubing Diameter: 0.71" / 18mm


  • Compatibility: BMW R1200GS, R1250GS - all water-cooled models, 2013 - present
  • Weight: 8 lbs / 3.6 kg


  • Compatibility: BMW F650GS, F700GS, F800GS - all model years
  • Weight: 10 lbs / 4.5 kg
Construction + Materials
  • Material: Welded Mild Steel
  • Finish: Durable Black Power Coat

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Must have for path less traveld

Used to have OEM panniers for At but they were bouncing like rodeo.
Mosko bags were solid and sturdy construction for roads in under developed country like Myanmar.

Pannier Rack & Attaching Hardware

Ordered attaching hardware for my 35L Backcountry Pannier, one set of hardware was missing. I called & was shipped out right away.

Racks-Sturdy, well built. No install instructions and called for help on which bolt goes where and was told to watch Youtube after calling US rep.(great guy). A link to pdf instruction is my preference. Bolts didn't fit right, I emailed explained issue and was told it fit other bike ok- Hmm??? Kinda pissed me off and used washers to space bolts out so the would tighten all the way up. Racks make Backcountry Panniers sit very high for my preference on my 790R. My suggestion would be another bar in middle of each side so they could be placed lowered if desired. Racks stick out really far compared to previous ones I've used on other bikes. Panniers sit much wider than my handlebars ;-( . Wish they fit tighter. Mosko did Great as usual, but outsourced products need some improvements, pictures of how racks appear on bikes might be helpful. If you want pics, pm me and I'll send.


Pannier Rack - Honda

Keep it Loose, Baby!

I installed the Outback Motortek panniers on my '18 KLR 650. ("The Dude" because this bike Abides, man.) A couple of words of advice: First, don't waste your time looking for install videos on the Motortek US site or YoutTube. Nada. Zip. They have them for the Suzuki 650, but not the Kawasaki. At least not yet. However, the mounting is pretty easy. The panniers married up to the upper bolt hole on the rear foot peg (Use the shorter 2 bolts), and also to the back bolt hole on the factory rear rack (use the longer 2 bolts). Second, leave everything loose. Like real loose. And then, tighten everything sequentially and in small doses. Third, when you are installing the rear cross member, if you are by yourself, take some tape with you. Tape up one side, and then start one side, take the tape off and then do that side. The cross member takes the four small bolts and nuts. Fourth, don't forget to pick up some Loctite. Fifth, I used a 10mm wrench, a T-25 Torx head socket, and a #6 allen wrench to make this happen. Again, no directions or install notes, so no idea if this is correct, but it seemed spot on to me at 9:00 PM in my cold garage under the pale death glow of the fluorescents. The Torx is for the back cross member, as is the #10. The allen wrench bit/socket is for the pannier bolts at foot peg and rear rack. After getting all of this thing on and tightened, I have to say, this bad boy is pretty solid. Based on that, I can give it five stars. Go get one, just remember to keep it loose, baby.


Great racks fitting was a breeze shipping was super quick to Aust

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