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The Hood is the only waterproof, one-click access tank bag on the market. There are no zippers to unzip, no roll-tops to unroll. Just unclip the buckle and flip the lid.

Hood Tank Bag (V1.2)

MOLLE Accessory

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we take waterproofing seriously. The Hood is the only waterproof, quick-access tank bag on the market. There are no zippers to jam (and eventually fail), no roll-tops to unfurl. Just unclip the buckle, flip the lid, and you’re in. It’s the easiest-access waterproof tank bag we’ve ever used. It includes two handy internal organizers for little things, like charging cables and earplugs.


We spent over two years developing the Hood and tested every kind of waterproof closure available. Our goal was to create a closure that was both simple and strong enough to withstand dusty, abusive conditions and thousands of uses in a tank bag. We even experimented with kayak hatches for six months. Although the hatches didn't work out, they did lead us to the idea for the Hood.

The Hood achieves its waterproofing through a welded-seam, waterproof clamshell lid, which we call a 'hood', that rests on an equally waterproof, welded-seam base. The hood pushes against a strip of piping that runs 360 degrees around the base. A rain gutter, just below the piping, stops any water that tries to work its way up the sides. We even tested it with a pressure washer at the car wash, and everything inside stayed bone dry.

The interior of the Hood features a large, open main compartment with two removable sewn-seam wallets designed to hold items such as cables, headphones, batteries, and credit cards. The Hood also includes a charging cable and headphone pass-through port, allowing you to connect your phone and other electronic accessories directly to the battery.

On top of the Hood, you'll find a Hypalon MOLLE Panel for adding MOLLE accessories like our waterproof Map Pocket or Navigator Cell Phone Pocket

  • 100% waterproof welded-seam PU construction
  • One-click access, perfect for quick-draw camera storage
  • Easy on/off with the standard Mosko tank bag harness
  • Three-column Hypalon MOLLE panel
  • Two removable internal organizer wallets
  • Internal zippered pockets
  • Cable pass-through port
  • Hood Tank Bag
  • Easy on/off mounting harness
  • Two lower connection straps for mounting
  • Two internal organization wallets
  • Four heavy-duty, cable ties w/metal closures for mounting
  • In 2021 the Hood Tank Bag and harness have been updated to an "SJ Buckle" system, and will not be compatible with the older "Ghost Eye buckle" tank bag harness. Check out our Second Bike Harness page to make your new Hood Tank Bag easily interchangeable between multiple bikes. 


  1. 100% waterproof welded-seam PU construction
  2. One-click access, perfect for quick-draw camera storage
  3. Easy on/off, with the standard Mosko tank bag harness
  4. Three-column Hypalon MOLLE panel, compatible with the Navigator Cell Phone Pocket
  5. Two removable internal organizer wallets
  6. Internal zippered pockets
  7. Cable pass-through port


  • Capacity: 5L
  • Length: 13.2in / 33.5cm
  • Width: 8in / 20cm
  • Height: 6in / 15cm
  • Weight: 2.8lbs / 1.2kg
Construction & Materials
  • Exterior/Main Body: 1000D Nylon w/TPU coating on both sides
  • Top MOLLE Panel: Hypalon
  • Internal Org. Wallets: 400D Nylon
  • Map Pocket: waterproof 800D polyurethane coated (PVC free) with welded-seams and clear PVC top panel
  • Foam Pads: EVA closed cell foam
Product Care

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Customer Reviews

Based on 640 reviews
Jussi Raivio
Hood tank bag

Erinomaisen tukeva ja toimiva laukku. Helppo kiinnittää ja irroittaa. Todella jämäkkä materiaali ja huolellista työtä.
Ei kovin edullinen, mutta korkean hintansa arvoinen.
Vahva suositus!!

Great tank bag Hood V2.0

It fits perfectly on the Africa Twin 1100 Adventure Sports.
It is completely waterproof even in extreme rain.
I`m super happy with it

Crystal Keith
Designed by people who know!

Great use of space. Well organized and waterproof. Like everything else I have tried from Mosko Moto, the quality is top knotch.

Alexander Rasch
unfortunately to small

Dear MoskoMotoTeam,
the tank bag is to small for my planned actions.
So, I am still on my tour across Bosnia (with out the bag) and will send it back to you next week, if still possible.
Thanks and best regards,

Perfect fit

I irde a lot and need to carry quickly accessible bits and my camera as well. The hood is perfect for that. Easy to mount, allows plenty of room to stand up and carries everything in one place.
I also have the older version but decided to buy the V2.0 to better fit the bike (orange).