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Donzi Kater

Customer Experience Rep.

"I pulled a Yamaha 125 TTR with zero suspension and flame grips from my uncle's garage."

I didn't get my first shot at a dirt bike until I was 19, and I pulled a Yamaha 125 TTR with zero suspension and flame grips from my uncle's garage. I rode the crap out of that bike and pushed it to its absolute limits. My family was full of Gearheads, and the desire to ride motorcycles was always prevailing. While hearing stories of my mom living off of her dual-sport in Santa Cruz when she was younger, or riding on the back of street bikes with friends, or with my Father on a Harley Run, nothing compared to being set free on my own bike in the backcountry of Santa Barbara.

After years though, of not being able to keep up with friends on big bikes and some fully equipped motocross bikes and countless trips shoving that little 125 in the trunk of my Jeep, I realized it was time to upgrade. I pulled the trigger on a KTM Freeride. While the tank was small, the trips were long and pushed me to develop my riding skills. Singletrack, technical enduro, and trials like riding was where it was at for me. That bike did it all, and together we saw granite and old-growth of the Sierras, deep sandy washes in Mojave, and that notable Red silt across the Colorado Plateau. 

I put a temporary pause on riding after my son was born in March of 2020. I've been on the market, though, for "the next bike." In the meantime, I'll be working on an old Yamaha Enduro restoration project and finally adding some suspension to the old Yamaha 125 for my son to ride in the future. 

Outside of riding, I enjoy my time outdoors. I enjoy working with and gentling wild horses and living the farm life. I spent most of my younger years surfing and skating and working with animals in Southern California. I graduated with a degree in Geography with a GIS and Geology emphasis, and I enjoy pointing out rocks on the trail. I married my husband and fellow Mosko Team member Ryan Turner in 2019 in a MadMax themed ceremony in Joshua Tree at our Family Moto house. Since relocating to the Gorge to join the Mosko Team, we have big plans of exploring the PNW.