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Jenn Harrington

Customer Experience Manager

"I gained my confidence riding on HWY 1 and maxing out at turtle speeds around steep curves."

Growing up in Oregon with my brother and Dad, I was a total tomboy. We’d go camping almost every weekend during the summers, you’d find me snowboarding Mt. Hood during the winters and I was super involved in sports throughout high school. Even though I played in the dirt my grandma taught me how to sew at a young age which kicked off my passion for textiles: discovering new materials, pattern designs, and colors. This passion followed me all the way into my college years, where I studied Fashion and Design at George Fox University.

After college, I traveled all over the states and abroad which opened my eyes to other cultures and from then on traveling became very important to me. Not long after college, I had the opportunity to move to Southern California where I found myself grinding through the LA fashion scene, attending trade shows, and ended up opening a small business designing beachwear. After 4 years of running a business, I learned the fashion industry was not where I wanted to be and started working for a startup eCommerce company in Santa Monica. This is where you can insert my intro to motorcycles. Inspired by a group of colleagues, I got my endorsement and purchased my first bike, a Honda CMX250. Just like that, I was all in. I gained my confidence riding on HWY 1 and maxing out at turtle speeds around steep curves.

Shortly after, I found myself starting to tap into what I really wanted out of life and for me, I found my best experiences came from adrenaline-filled adventure, exploration of wild spaces, incredible food, and deep, soulful conversations. I decided to move back to the PNW with a new appreciation and desire to explore and connect with people that shared similar interests. Shortly after, I ended up getting a dual-sport bike and joined the team at Mosko realizing I was exactly where I was supposed to be.