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Paulina Morris

Social Media Manager & Marketing Coordinator

"Being introduced to this lifestyle during my childhood instilled in me an everlasting need to explore, preferably on two wheels."

Originally from Southern California, I grew up in a vast, open environment that allowed me to experience an inspiring sense of freedom at a young age. I spent most of my time in Yucca Valley, where I learned how to ride a dirt bike at the age of 8. My Aunt and Uncle (who had all the “toys”), let my cousins and me explore on our 100cc bikes nearly unattended. We’d make ourselves PB&J sandwiches, toss them into our backpacks, and ride the trails up to the water-tower overlooking our modest desert town. If we fell or got stuck, we helped each other. We maintained our old trails and created new ones. We considered ourselves to be little pioneers. Being introduced to this lifestyle during my childhood instilled in me an everlasting need to explore, preferably on two wheels.

That sense of exploration eventually brought me up to Oregon, where I have now resided for 8 years. Here, I easily connected with like-minded people who had similar passions. Dirt biking, hiking and camping quickly became part of my regularly scheduled program. These connections led me to my career in the outdoor industry, starting at Poler Outdoor Stuff, then moving on to See See Motorcycles. My work life has become a pursuit of my passions. I’ve found working for smaller companies, where I am treated more like an asset than an employee, to be really gratifying. Everyone on a small team wears a number of different hats, from sales and customer service, to event planning and marketing and everything in between. I’ve always felt very enthusiastic in a role where I can share my experiences with others in a way that encourages them to explore their hobbies and interests. It’s all this history and experience that has landed me in the perfect place to start my next chapter with the adventure-driven team here at Mosko Moto.