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Reckless 80L/40L/10L Replacement Underside Foam

Reckless System

Replacement kits for damaged Reckless 80L, 40L, and 10L underside foam.

Need to replace the entire Reckless 80L Center Harness? You can purchase a replacement Center Harness complete with underside foam here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Fine product.

Reckless 80 V3 is all « brand new », now 😉.

Great products and outstanding service.

After 5 months travel the foam had worn through due to a less than ideal luggage rack on the bike. Still on the road I reached out to MM and they went above and beyond to help me out. Before replacing the foam I modified the luggage rack to prevent further issues.

Tibor Györög


Andreas Erny
Great service

Great service and fast replacement for free. Wow. I am very satisfied with Mosko Moto, the products and the service. Thank you so much

Kent Niederhofer
Mosko Moto Rackless 40L for the Win!

While I haven’t trail tested these puppies yet, it’s coming next week when I test their merit on the PA Wilds BDR-X (which I think they’re going to be ideal for). That said, the material quality as well as the fit and finish of this luggage is absolutely supreme and justifies the steep price. The assembly instructions are adequate but there are no mounting instructions and given all of the belts, loops, buckles and other stuff it makes it a bit challenging for first timers (thank you, YouTubers for helping me out). I’ve had previous experience with Mosko Moto product in the BMW Atacama bags which went for a tumble down a 60 foot ravine along with my bike and survived without a scratch (the big GS almost did too and I rode that beast out and back to my hotel 30 miles away but that’s another story)! I still use those bags today and I hope the 40L’s are equally tough.