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The Backcountry Duffle is 100% Waterproof and designed to do it all: it's a duffle, a backpack, and a quick stash spot for just about anything.

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Backcountry 40L Duffle/Pack (V2.5)

Backcountry 40L Duffle/Pack (V2.5)

Onyx/Orange - Preorder

Our Backcountry 30L & 40L Duffles are now available in updated Black and High Desert to coordinate with the Backcountry Panniers.

This moto-duffle does it all: it's a duffle, a backpack, and a quick-stash spot during the day. It's a way to keep your wet jacket separate from your dry sleeping bag. It serves as a clean food prep surface next to the campfire and a convenient tool tray for roadside field repairs. Pair it with our Backcountry Cinch Straps for rock-solid attachment to your bike. The newly updated Backcountry Duffle is available in two sizes, a 40L version, and a 30L version.

(Onyx/Orange is available for preorder with expected delivery in May 2024. If you’re ordering in-stock and preorder items and need your in-stock ones right away, please place two separate orders or all items will ship with the preorder.)


Updates to Version 2.5

  • 100% recycled 1680D Ballistic Nylon and eco-friendly PVC backing (this is the main feature update and has a pretty big impact on our footprint)
  • Aesthetic, trims, and logo updates

With the Backcountry Duffle, we wanted to design a motorcycle bag from the ground up. Two things jumped out at us right away. First, we hated having to unpack the entire back of the bike just to put something in or take it out. If you picture a traditional roll-top duffle, the straps connecting it to the bike are going over the opening, meaning you have to undo the straps to get inside. Plus, because the bag sits on the back of the bike, it is too high to see inside by the time you unroll the opening, so you take it off the bike and set it on the ground. If you’re getting in and out of the bag several times a day, this can get pretty annoying.

Second, traditional single-layer dry bag duffles have a very limited lifespan. There are so many things that can cause them to fail. Campfire sparks, abrasion from a crash, abrasion from the rack it sits on, heat from the exhaust, cracks from sun damage, etc. As soon as anything happens to the bag, it’s not waterproof anymore. And if that happens in the middle of a trip it sucks.

To solve that problem, we came up with the idea of a bag that’s actually two bags – an inner waterproof bag and an outer abrasion-proof bag. We made it a double-ended roll top so you can get things in and out without unstrapping it from the bike, and added a beavertail to stash your jacket or wet/dirty items you don’t want inside the dry bag. These things can be stored externally without getting inside the duffle at all.

Then we added backpack straps. Riding 50+ miles on dirt is no big deal on an adventure bike, but if you break down and find yourself hiking out, it’s a long friggin way, man. Having a comfortable backpack is key. That was the original idea behind the backpack straps, but it turns out it’s also super handy for getting everything into a hotel room in a single trip. When you’re traveling internationally, sometimes it’s not ok to leave half your stuff on the bike while you take the other half inside. With the Backcountry duffle, put the duffle on your back, grab a pannier in each hand, and you’re mobile. The straps make it a great airline carry-on for fly-to-ride trips or general travel.

  • MOLLE expandability
  • Two bag system – tough bag outside, dry bag inside
  • Beavertail stash-spot for extra storage and expansion
  • 4L Aux Pox compatible Beavertail
  • Double ended roll top – access from BOTH sides
  • Deployable backpack straps
  • Built-in tent pole pocket
  • Document/map pocket
  • Backcountry 40L Duffle
  • 20L Drysak

There are two things that take some getting used to on this duffle: First, the materials are really thick, which means that rolling/unrolling the roll-top feels a little cumbersome at first if you’re used to thinner kayak dry bags or stuff sacks. The materials loosen up with time, have no fear. Second, compared to a top-loader, the double-ended roll-top has a narrower throat. So when you’re in your tent or in your hotel room, sorting through the stuff inside is not as easy as it would be with a top-loader. We make top-loaders too; check out our Scout 30/50 duffle if that’s the way you’re leaning.

Connection Strap Note: For pavement and graded road riding, virtually any kind of connection strap will work to attach this duffle to the bike. For rough, ungraded terrain or for long-distance, multi-month trips, we highly recommend the Backcountry Cinch Strap, designed specifically for this bag and this kind of travel. Whatever strap you choose, if you are riding offroad, please avoid bungy cords, stretchable elastic straps, or straps with plastic side-release buckles. Even a simple cam buckle strap (like this one by DaKine) is better than elastic.


The 2 Bag System

Tough bag on the outside, dry bag on the inside. The outer bag is engineered to resist punctures, abrasion, and tears. The 100% waterproof inner drybag is constructed of 22oz 840D TPU with welded seams, keeping water out and your stuff bone dry.

Stashable Backpack Straps

If you break down and find yourself hiking out, having a comfortable backpack is key. The stashable backpack straps are also super handy for getting everything up to a hotel room in a single trip.

Infinite Expandability

Hypalon MOLLE panels allow you to configure your panniers exactly the way you want them. MOLLE accessory pouches enable you to expand the capacity of your panniers for things like fuel bottles or a hydration reservoir. The expandable rear Beavertail is Aux Pox compatible and creates a convenient spot to tuck a motorcycle jacket or store wet things you don't want inside your dry bag.


1. MOLLE expandability

2. Two-bag system – Tough bag outside. Dry bag inside.

3. Beavertail stash-spot for extra storage and expansion

4. Double-ended roll top – access from BOTH sides

5. Deployable backpack straps

6. Tent pole pocket – keep those tent poles on quick draw!


  • Capacity: 40L
  • Length: 21-26 in / 53.3-66 cm (roll top ends can be extended significantly)
  • Width: 16 in / 40.6 cm
  • Height: 10 in / 25.4 cm  
  • Weight: Approx 6 lbs / 2.5 kg
  • Length of Tent Pole Pocket: 19.5 in / 50 cm
Construction & Materials
  • Outer Shell Materials: Ballistic Nylon
  • Inner Dry Bag Materials: 100% waterproof TPU with welded seam construction
  • D Rings: Aluminum rather than plastic to withstand abuse
  • Top Panel: 100% waterproof TPU for easy washing, extra water resistance, and abrasion protection
  • Beavertail: Ballistic Nylon – providing extreme abrasion resistance + a Hypalon MOLLE Panel for adding additional MOLLE accessories
  • Tent Pole Pocket: Ballistic Nylon
Product Care

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We never cut corners during development or manufacturing, so we stand behind our products. If one fails due to a problem with materials or workmanship, we'll make it right. All Mosko Moto products include:

Limited Lifetime Warranty

'Limited' means it does not cover:

  • wear & tear
  • neglect/misuse/abuse
  • aesthetics
  • sun degradation
  • modification and/or use for a purpose other than what the item was designed for

Crash Care Program

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1128 reviews
Carl Bouchard
Best Duffel Bag

I really like my new duffel. The functionality are amazing. A knew it was going to be a bit heavier than my cheaper bag but it’s expected with such premium a premium heavy duty construction. Very happy with my purchase.

Simone Beneduci

Excellent product, what I was looking for

Less enthousiastic as I hoped..

Don't get me wrong though: Material is good, it's high-class for sure (e.g. you really get what you pay for). It's flexible how to fit it on your bike and the top part makes it easy to access a waterbottle for example. 2 openings on the side sure come in handy as well. But... It's still quite a hassle to use it. I spent at least 10min putting it on the bike and during a ride getting something from the bag usually means you won't be able to put it back in if the bag is full. With a full bag it can be quite difficult to role the opening of the bag 2 times and I somehow get the feeling that my bag should be able to carry more.
I also hoped that the backpack straps would be easier to put back in it's compartment but that's not the case, making it less likely that I would use the bag as a backpack (because it again takes more time putting it all back on my bike again). I know it's not ment for daily commutes but I hoped to have a solution for both long and short distances, because I simply don't have another place to store small things (obviously don't want to carry a backpack or buy another storage compartment).
Although this all sounds negative: Still happy with the bag, I'm confident that I will be able to make the most out of it. I just wish it was more universal and multi purpose then it is.

Michael Rowley

Great quality and durable.

Super Tasche….

…habe meine 35 und 25 Liter Seitentaschen von Mosco nun um die 40 Liter Hecktasche erweitert. Beifahrer hat genügend Platz und die Tasche ist absolut perfekt, besser geht es nicht.