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Glass-Filled Nylon Mounting Frame & Latch (Single)

This Glass-Filled Nylon Mounting Frame and latch are meant to attach to all Backcountry Panniers and go with the Glass-Filled Nylon Wedge.

Note: This item is the bag frame alone with a latch attached to it - it does not include the Glass-Filled Nylon Wedge. Also, we are no longer making the HDPE wedge and frame. If you need a new frame you will need to upgrade to glass-filled nylon for both the wedge and frame. You may also want to add the Hardware Pak that includes washers and bolts to adhere the frame to your panniers.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Glass filled mounts.

I love the bags and am happy with them so far, however I’ve broken 2 mounts already. Don’t under any circumstances clip a post at more than .5 MPH or they snap.

Works for BMW Atacama too

I had need for one of these for my Atacama bag, BMW brand of these bags. Works perfectly and interchangeably.

Great gear!....great service!!!

I typically don’t leave reviews but this is different. Had a substantial dismount on the White Rim trail on my KTM 1190 Adventure R that would have destroyed any other pannier system but just cracked the replaceablle frames. Was able to ride the rest of the trail with gear still intact. Contacted the Mosko Moro team and ordered replacement frames and was really pleasantly surprised when they refunded the cost of the frames....which was totally not expected. Very classy and thanks for a great product!

Am impressed with the strength and durability of the gear....and the fact that it can be easily fixed in the field.


Good morning, I was recently reading Mosko Moto forum and saw a guy in Long Beach(?) bought this product and attached them to his hard bags this was a brilliant idea so I followed suit. Just having the ability to swap between hard bags and my Mosko Moto soft luggage in seconds has made so easy and flexible. Thank you Mosko Moto for sharing the ideas of others so we all can benefit from them. Truly love your company and the minds behind it.
Jerry Weidler

My Mosko Bags

I have bought two different Mosko Bags. I purchased the Reckless 80 and the Backcountry 35L. I liked both bags but I did have problems with the Backcountry 35L. The problem I had was the bags were coming off the wedge frame after a couple of trips. My bags came off the frames and almost lost them on the trail. I had to strap on the bags for the rest of the trip until I could get home and contact Mosko. When I contacted Mosko (which is very slow in getting back with you) they sent me a new wedge frames. When I put the new wedge frame on the internal frame which is located inside of the bags I was surprised on the poor workmanship that was done on the internal frame support. It looked like some 10 year old kids had lined/drilled the holes on the internal frame which mounted to the wedge frames, it was poor workmanship. I was able to fix the problem with some large washers and made the holes line up but I was very disappointed in seeing the workmanship after paying the price I paid for the bags. After making the repairs to the internal frame and wedge frames the bags worked great and I still like them but Mosko customer service is not very good and very slow in getting back with me and after talking with others about the customer service they also mention the slow customer service.

Hi James, Really glad to hear the bags are functional now, that's good. Sorry it took a long time to make sure you received new mounts. I looked back to see what happened and your email was assigned to the wrong person, then lost when forwarded. Please let us know if you need anything else and we'll service you quicker this time.

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