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Glass-Filled Nylon Mounting Frame & Latch (Single)

This Glass-Filled Nylon Mounting Frame and latch are meant to attach to all Backcountry Panniers and go with the Glass-Filled Nylon Wedge.

Note: This item is the bag frame alone with a latch attached to it - it does not include the Glass-Filled Nylon Wedge. Also, we are no longer making the HDPE wedge and frame. If you need a new frame you will need to upgrade to glass-filled nylon for both the wedge and frame. You may also want to add the Hardware Pak that includes washers and bolts to adhere the frame to your panniers.

Customer Reviews

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Excellent service

Really helpful and fast delivery


Glass-Filled Nylon Mounting Frame & Latch (Single)

Mounting Frame Replacement

Awesome responsiveness by Mosko - I broke a mounting frame on the 35L panniers and they filled and shipped my replacement order in time for me to make my next trip with no glitches - this all took place in less than a week - outstanding customer service!

Mosko Moto mounting frames on hard panniers

I really like my Mosko Moto BC 35’s. However, when I am in town I wanted a set of lockable hard panniers. I did not want to have to remove the MM wedge when going to hard panniers. I stumbled across a MM blog post that showed a guy that had used these frames on his hard panniers.

While somewhat expensive compared to the price of my Tusk panniers, these frames mounted to the hard panniers are awesome! In addition, it takes 30 seconds to switch panniers.

Good as new!

I clipped a large tree stump with my Backcountry 35L while on a recent trip. I heard a loud snap and was thrown off of my line.

I stopped and looked at my bag. The bag was 100% fine, but the frame holding it on was snapped in half at its thinnest point. A hand full of zip ties to hold the frame together and was back on the road.

Nothing other than the frame was damaged. The mounting plate, hardware and the bag were perfectly fine. It was awesome to know the broken piece could be replaced easily and I would be ready for the next adventure.

I was very thankful I was not riding hard cases on my bike. I am even more thankful for Mosko Moto's awesome line of gear and out of this world customer service.

Whoops, I don't think I said anything about the actual new frame. It's great. It was shiny and smelled new. It also fit perfectly without any issues.

Live it up.

-Greg T

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