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Puck Sak

Used to connect the Wedge Mount to your pannier rack. With two extra wedges and a Puck Sak, you can use one set of panniers on two bikes. Puck Sak includes 8 blue anodized pucks, 8 black anodized stainless steel black washers, and 16 black anodized screws. It is no longer necessary to order a special puck for SW Motech racks, the latest version of the standard puck fits SW Motech racks. Check the Fitment Page for additional rack information. Note: these are included with the pannier kits, so it is only necessary to order them separately if you want to setup a mounting system on a second bike.

Customer Reviews

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Fantastic Gear, the Only Moto Luggage Gear you'll ever need!

Bottom Line Up Front: If you are looking for the best, well thought out and top quality constructed motorcycle baggage system...look no further!! Mosko Moto's panniers, duffel/pack and nomad tank bag are it! Designed by riders, for riders!

I am pretty much a gear junkie and I have seen and tried a lot of the other options out there. I have a BMW 1200 GSA in the L48 with the standard hard cases and I have traveled all over AK, Canada and the L48. I have "overflow" bags on the bike too, because all my kit won't fit in the hard cases.

From day one, Customer Service and follow up is awesome, and I had the product in my hands in less than a week. I installed the 35L panniers on to my 950 (I have Tusk racks) and it was an easy modification to get the wedge system to work with the racks. Once I had everything installed, I proceeded to pack up my kit...everything I need to live off my bike for an extended period. Everything fit perfectly with room to spare! I also have a KTM 990 R and I decided to ditch the Wolfman bags (but I kept the rack system) and bought a second set of wedges and Nomad mounting straps. So now, depending on which bike I want to ride, I can switch the gear over in a matter of minutes (and I have all my gear, packed exactly as I want it --- I don't have to repack from one system to another.)

What really sold me was the quality of the construction and the easy of use. The beaver tails are awesome as are the MOLLE bags/attachment system.

Great system

It's nice to be able to get replacement parts!

Great Quality

I have a few items from Mosko Moto and the quality is bar none! Lost a part on my puck sak shipment due to shippers and they sent replacements out right away despite fires all in their area!! Service!! Thanks Guys!!

Pucks and things

Peter, Ashley and all are great to deal with. Absolutely love to witness the growth of this passionate team. Their product line is of great design and quality
Bravo!!! Alain

2 Scout Bags, 2 Bikes

I wanted a solution for 2 different machines, and decided to go with the Mosko Scout bags and 2 sets of mounting wedges. Great setup, given 2 different rack setups, and the quality of the bags is top notch. Only a few thousand miles so far, but they have already seen rain, snow, and a bunch of dirts. Rinsed off with a hose they look as good as new. The Molle system also allows for many options beyond what Mosko offers. Overall a great solution.

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